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Calero-MDSL Acquires MetaPort, a Leading Enterprise Network Mapping Software Company, Solidifying Its Commitment to Innovation

By Stephanie O'Malley on Apr 20, 2021

ROCHESTER, NY -  APRIL 20, 2021 Calero-MDSL, an established pioneer in the high-growth Technology Expense Management (TEM) software space, announced today that it has acquired MetaPort, the leading telecom network mapping software company.
MetaPort’s founder and CEO, Andres Aguire, will join the Calero-MDSL team as
part of the transaction. Calero-MDSL prospects and customers will soon be
able to turn network hardware and services data into powerful additional
insights that will allow them to leverage new technologies like SD-WAN or
reduce cost by identifying redundant or unused circuits.

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Calero-MDSL is Recognized as a Visionary in 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Managed Mobility Services, Global

By Stephanie O'Malley on Apr 13, 2021

Calero-MDSL is a recognized vendor on the report for the second year in a row

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4 min read

4 Ways to Get Your Zoom Spend Under Control

By Matt Maloney, Mark Bellingham & Sheikh Ali on Apr 12, 2021

The pandemic has changed the way corporations do business, in some ways permanently. Many companies were forced to quickly adopt communication platforms such as Zoom to address an unprecedented need to support remote workers. The need for speed in embracing these UCaaS and SaaS services often bypassed normal business processes, and the lack of oversight coupled with the requirement to move quickly created the perfect environment for SaaS costs such as Zoom to go unchecked. In a recent Calero-MDSL survey, we found that 50% of enterprises don’t know their annual UCaaS spend.

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[Webinar] On-Demand Webinar: Ditch The "Do It Yourself"

By Stephanie O'Malley on Apr 1, 2021

Are you managing your technology expenses in-house, and are you finding that lack of insight into capacity and poorly integrated systems slow down productivity? You are not alone in this struggle, and this might not be the best strategy for your organization's long-term success.

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BYOD vs. CYOD vs. COBO vs. COPE: How to Know When to Change or Adjust Your Mobile Strategy

By Marc Straussberg on Mar 30, 2021

With the number of mobile devices in use worldwide almost even with desktop computers, management of mobile devices becomes more critical than ever. Not just technical management or security management, but financial and liability management as well. There are fundamentally five variables to be considered in all permutations:

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5 min read

Vendor Data Notifications

By Alistair Brooker on Mar 26, 2021

Yes, there can be too much of a good thing.

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5 min read

Calero-MDSL is a 2021 CIO 100 Award Winner for Smart Automation

By Stephanie O'Malley on Mar 23, 2021

IDG’s CIO 100 award recognizes enterprise excellence and innovation in IT

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Why UCaaS is Rapidly Replacing Traditional Telecom Services & What You Need To Do About It

By Sheikh Ali on Mar 18, 2021

Cloud-based telephony solutions are increasingly viable alternatives to platforms such as VoIP and TDM. The shift to UCaaS is a natural progression for many businesses and follows data’s widescale move to the cloud. But there are steps you should take to ensure you not only get the ROI you expect from cloud telephony services, but that you remain in control of your UCaaS spend.

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Calero-MDSL Announces the Release of UCaaS Expense Management Solution

By Stephanie O'Malley on Mar 17, 2021

Calero-MDSL, a leader in the high-growth Technology Expense Management
(TEM) software space, announced that it is making a significant expansion to
its solution offering by launching a Unified Communications-as-a-Service
(UCaaS) Expense Management module as part of its platform. The company is
the first-to-market with a comprehensive solution for managing and optimizing
both the variable and fixed costs associated with UCaaS programs integrated
with its established wireline and mobility programs.

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4 min read

Managing Expenses in the New Blended Work Environment

By Jared Collins on Mar 11, 2021

It's a great bet that you never did any thinking about moving all your employees to work from home before we all had to do so at the start of the COVID pandemic. But have you done any thinking yet about how to best bring some or all of them back to the office when it ends?

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Building and Maintaining a Strong Relationship with your TEM Vendor and Account Team

By Joan Lara and Kim Warren on Mar 3, 2021

The secret sauce to a great relationship between clients and their technology expense management (TEM) provider is a blending of information, business insight, and interpersonal communication. When these three elements are combined properly, with healthy measures of trust and confidence stirred in, the results are a successful business relationship beneficial to everyone. This is the foundation of promoting a positive, proactive, productive partnership.

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The UCaaS Enterprise Spend Black Hole

By Matt Maloney on Feb 25, 2021

Many enterprises are struggling to understand where they are spending their SaaS dollars from Cloud Communications (UCaaS) solutions such as Zoom, Teams, RingCentral, and Webex to Enterprise SaaS solutions such as Office 365. The result is a potentially large spend black hole that will continue to snowball over time without unified visibility across all of these UCaaS solutions.

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