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3 min read

Healthcare Information Technology: Digital Transformation Becomes Vital

By Illya Granger and Jessica VanVorst on Feb 3, 2021

“Rush” is responsible for creating more errors, more waste, and more frustration than most anything else. And much of what happens in a busy healthcare environment is done “stat”, in a rush.

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3 min read

Best Practices for Managing Remote and Global Teams

By Billy Howes & Nicole Whiting on Dec 21, 2020

It may be that pandemics end up teaching us much about how to most effectively manage global teams, greatly deepening our understanding, our appreciation, and our effectiveness in using today’s telecommunications technologies.

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4 min read

Your IT Team is Central to Your Digital Transformation. Are They Prepared?

By Felix Lau on Jul 1, 2019

Today, virtually every company is looking more and more like a technology company.

Even just five years ago, the phrase “digital transformation” would have attracted some confused looks. Many companies still viewed their IT budgets as an overhead cost that had to be trimmed and right sized on a yearly basis.

But 2019 looks a lot different. There’s no longer a valley of separation between the technology and business sides of modern enterprises. Many great companies put technology front and center as they set company strategic direction, create new business models and build their talent pool. Our rapidly changing marketplace not only values, but necessitates, a team of strategically minded IT professionals who understand their customers’ needs and can deliver creative solutions backed by meaningful business intelligence in response to technology advancements.

Digital transformations – the process by which companies adopt the newest technologies into their day-to-day operations as they evolve into a digital business – are increasingly common. How swiftly, and how well, a company engages in digital transformations may have a direct impact on how they compete in a crowded market.

So, are you ready for your next digital transformation project? It starts with nurturing a company culture that prioritizes strategic, big-picture and future-focused thinking, accomplished through ensuring IT professionals have the right tools and resources to support a digital transformation with confidence and efficiency.

Consider these five questions to determine whether your team is approaching digital transformations tactically or strategically – and whether they’re ready to take on the biggest changes in your industry.

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